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A worldwide marketplace for the rebar market.

Buyers and sellers in the rebar market are suffering from three main problems: 


Product specifications mistakes


Wrong pricing calculations


Uncertain payments

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creates a win-win situatoin


buyers can describe exactly the product they want, and suppliers can use the data for production.

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buyers can know the final price they're going to pay, and suppliers no longer sell at unaffordable prices.

buyers can have flexible payment models, and suppliers can stop dropping deals due to fear of payment.

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buyers and suppliers get
a transparent, productive, reliable process.

Now process rebar transactions can go global.

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Nov 22

Dec 22

Getting hundreds of new users

Apr 23

Ags 23

Easybar was chosen to participate in Contech incubator

10 suppliers are waiting to use the platform.

Feb 22

Easybar's CPU stands on 2.60$

Oct 23

Over this year, more than $23 million in potential orders have been generated on our platform.

2024 goal

drop 'potential' from the last sentence.

The dreamers


Ron Balmas 
CEO & Product manager

Graphic designer, visual storyteller, UX expert. Graduate of the Department of Visual Communication at Bezalel. Experienced in team leading and managing large-scale projects. Ministry of Economy’s Sderot Accelerator alumn, and Contech incubator.

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Gabriel Balmas 
Business developer

Over 30 years of experience in the construction and rebar ecosystem. Contractor, entrepreneur, construction planner and execution engineer who truly understands the ins-and-outs of the market.

 We are looking for partners for our journey.
​If it sounds relevant don't hesitate.

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